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I use the slogan, “Try Woody’s Way” at Woody’s insurance and it is more than a slogan! I have spent over a decade serving folks just like you and helping them with their Senior Medicare Plans. There is only one way, don’t take shortcuts and remember one size does not fit all. This is comprised of two components compatibility and affordability, ultimately when these are met it will lead to total peace of mind you have the best product for you. 

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#1 We Work For you! We give you choices and find the best least cost product for your individual situation. It doesn’t matter your situation, state you are in or how unique your situation as your Medicare Insurance Agent we can help!

#2-We represent many insurance companies this provides you access to their wide array of resources. We also have a national marketing organization support. Then there is CMS or Medicare themselves, we have you covered every step of the way. Not only do the carriers require testing and certification to represent them and their line of products, So does Medicare! We are in a highly regulated industry, we have the contacts, resources and certifications to protect you and allow you to make the best choice for you.

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#3 I have been in the Insurance industry for over a decade – This has allowed me to develop a vast network carriers but a network of independent agents across the country to further enhance providing you with best insurance buying experience. This a major benefit to working with Woody’s insurance. We work for you and what is available to me is available to you, again we work for you!

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Notice! #4 Maybe One of The Most Important Reasons!

#4 – Don’t be misled – “One Size Does Not Fit All” …So, how do I know which Senior Medicare Plans are best for me? There are two variables can impact your final decision the most. 1. Do my medications compliment my choice…are my medications in formulary … 2. Don’t be short-sighted by low or enticed by a low premium or deductible…It is your total out of pocket cost provides you with the lowest cost overall. I have the tools and the experience to guide you through the process of selecting the best product for you. I have help folks just like you for over 10 years. So, if you or the person assisting you is not considering your medications or true cost you may need to talk to me. I can show you how or use our tools and enroll yourself. Call me or we can meet online!      

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(note: in order to meet Medicare CMS regulations I must have permission to call you or you must contact me)

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We are here to serve you! I am an independent insurance agent and represent the leading medicare companies, if we happen not to list the company we can get any and all the information you will need to make an affordable and benefit rich Medicare plan. Don’t forget when you deal with Woody you are not just dealing with Woody and Woody’s Way was developed with many years of experience and serving the senior community. My goal is to educate, serve and help you find your way! Or, you can call my direct line at 606-224-2406.