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Virtual Kiosk 2Your Virtual Kiosk is designed with the client in mind. It provides you access to information in one place you would have to search out on your own. The best part is you have access to a licensed agent when ever you need advice. However, you don’t have to talk to anyone to enroll unless you need or want to. By calling us at 606-224-2406 we can provide a quote and comparison of any or all the Medicare Advantage Plans or PDP Plans available in the Market Nationwide. We also can help and advise you with Medicare Supplements. 

We have consumer platforms available for you the consumer to put your information into the tool, compare and even enroll in the plan of your choice in you choose. Of course you all ways have access to a licenced agent without obligation or sales pressure “we want to earn your business as a trusted advisor”.


Do It Yourself Options...

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is one of those platforms for your personal use. Your Medicare provides you access to compare United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, Wellcare and Cigna by Zip Code all in one place...Click on the button below for a basic tutorial, then try it yourself!

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 is basically designed and presented for my Kentucky clients or individuals that have access to Anthem and Humana Medicare Plans.



If you are interested in Investigating Wellcare Medicare Plans

These Are Some Major Things To Consider...

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Virtual Kiosk 51.) Medical Doctors and Facilities you use or want to use and the type network availability you want to use? Such as PPO, HMO, POS…

2.) Medications and Drug stores you want to use? Medications are a variable that is sometimes difficult to judge and can change from year to year, which can alter your best choice and should be reviewed at least annually. 

3.) The Final over all factor would be benefits offered by the plan. 

What Are Some of the Potential Extra Benefits Offered Beyond the Benefits of Original Medicare by Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans

Virtual Kiosk 6> Original Medicare has a Part B deductible or $198 per year in 2020. Part C plans have no deductible for Part B. However, Original Medicare users can use any doctors or facilities that accept Medicare. Part C’s are limited to networks and some you have to get referrals. 

> Some Part C’s have Part B paybacks upto $144.00, Original Medicare has a Part B premium of $144.60 each month.  

> Hospital Stays are on a per day cost with Part C rather than a set cost per stay.

> Some Part C’s have Dental Benefits, such as filling, extractions and even dentures Original Medicare does not.

Some Part C’s have hearing Aid Benefits, Original Medicare does not.

> One of the major differences i s that Original Medicare has no (MOOP) Maximum Out Of Pocket which just means Part        C’s have a set limit which may vary from plan to plan. Original has no limit with cost-share which is generally perceived   to  be  80/20. 

>There are more differences such as travel, food, OTC products…

We need to discuss and evaluate your personal needs analysis to make sure fine the best product that fits your needs and budget.

How do Supplements Fit Into The Mix?

Virtual Kiosk 7This is the basic third option. You must have Part A and Part B – There is no Part B deductible – But there is a Part B premium -You can see any doctor or use any medical facility that accepts Medicare – Supplements help pay what Original Medicare does not and can vary from plan to plan how much – But what each plan will pay is Standardized – A Medicare Supplement plan as does Original Medicare can add a Part D or Drug plan at an additional cost. Free no hassle, no obligation Quotes CLICK HERE.

Bottom Line!

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There are many choices and variables to consider when choosing a plan that is best for you. This is why we need not only a professional insurance person but the proper tools look at all your options accurately. We have the tools and the experience to help you. 

Now, to answer the question most insurance professionals and clients struggle with is just what is the best product for you. Over the years I have helped 100’s of clients just like you and developed or discovered the answer to that question and incorporated it into what has become to be known as “Woody’s Way”. 

Virtual Kiosk 9It is known by most everyone as “Peace of Mind”. One size does not fit all and there is one best product based on these simple criteria. If the coverage you need does not fit your budget you can’t have peace of mind, we may have to adjust the benefits to the overall and long-run cost. We will advise you of options and help you find your Peace of Mind. 

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