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Easy Medicare Tools and Methods For You!

In today’s computer/internet environment we have easy  Medicare tools and methods that provide the cutting edge technology of today. And all of it is available to you at Woody’s Insurance. 

Easy Medicare Tools

If you have an email address, use facebook or use social media you have the skills to meet on line.  Below I will outline in more detail how to use Zoom for an online meeting and your personal on-line Kiosk.

easy medicare tools

More Easy Medicare Tools

We https://www.sunfirematrix.com/app/consumer/yourmedicare/3714601/#/also have access to sites like YourMedicare, a site to guide you to your best options and you can actually enroll online.

Easy Medicare Tools and Methods For You! 1

Both of these options have benefits not available to us in the past. One it diminishes the influence of distance, I have clients in Kentucky, Texas and other states. We can have a face to face conference or by phone according to what is required. 

The other huge benefit of doing business on line is security. Now, there is no need to give anyone access to your home, while all the time being able to view the person you are working with. All agents are or should be licensed and it easily verifiable online.

The main program I use at Woody’s Insurance is named zoom and can be reviewed at zoom.us. I can also use Skype if you prefer. Easy Medicare Tools and Methods For You! 2 After we make contact and set a time to meet, I will send you an email. At the time of the meeting you click on the link in the email and we will connect with one another on the internet. We can use the computer sound or phone for audio and can make any adjustments at that time if necessary. I will promise after one session and you will be an expert! 

YourMedicare is designed for your personal use at anytime 24/7. It is a tool that along with our website compare Medicare Plans available and even enroll yourself “Your Personal On-line Kiosk”  Just click this Link. Of course I am always available. (606-224-2406 my direct line) My goal is to educate you and help you make the best decision for you. If you desire to know as much as I know and where to find the answers. You  become more independent and in control of your Medicare future.

Easy Medicare Tools and Methods For You! 3

The YourMedicare website gives you a tool many consumers did not have access to in the past. Compare, Review and Enroll. Check your Medications, Advantage Plans and Supplements.  If you have any questions Please give me a call 941-263-4545