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Contact me anytime at your convenience I am your Medicare Insurance Specialist, and we can discuss your personal situation by phone or engage in an online meeting in the privacy of your home. You can even enroll online! choose the best option for yourself, that puts you in control of finding your best and most affordable Medicare plan, tailored just for you…Often times your family, friends, and others with best intentions will try to advise you as to your best options. Based on their individual experience or someone else’s situation they may know, remember “one size does not fit all” when it comes to your insurance needs.

You need a professional, licensed, and experienced independent Medicare Insurance agent! Advising you on the options that serve you best to find the best and most affordable Medicare plan.

You may want to Compare and Enroll on your own without the need for an agent. “Cov-19 FREE” All you need to quickly and efficiently make a decision about your Medicare needs, you can find the program best suited for you and your unique situation.  I will be there to help you every step of the way, If you need me!

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Medicare Plans

Angela James from the Centers at Medicare and Medicaid Services does a great job giving a general overview of your Medicare coverage options available. A long, with showing all the variations Medicare has to offer. Those being Traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, PDP, and Supplemental Insurance sometimes are referred to as Medigap plans. (see video)

When a person is qualified to apply for Medicare you should choose the way you will likely proceed concerning obtaining your insurance coverage. It will mostly be Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan. Each come with Part A and Part B insurance protection.Part A will undergo attention regarding inpatient hospital confinements, care inside a skilled nursing installation,hospice care and attention and specific home medical attention.Part A happens to be no-cost to the majority of men and women additionally Part B can help you to take care of some physician services, outpatient treatment, healthcare products and preventive help there will be a per month cost concerning Part B even though both Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs address Part A and Part B help. Although there might be slight differences that needs to be understood

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